"Healthcare where it’s needed, for those who can’t afford it."

Ramadan Kareem

April 24, 2020

Happy Easter

April 19, 2020

Launch of Awareness Campaigns

April 5, 2020

الوقاية خيرٌ من العلاج

Spreading awareness about Covid-19

Location Fayoum villages

Number of villages:5

Number of families per village: 25


Thank you Doctors

March 21, 2020

Appreciating, supporting and thanking our heros who work very hard to fight against the covid-19

COVID-19 Announcement

March 15, 2020

Out of concern for the health of our communities, doctors, volunteers and staff the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have decided to pause all our medical convoys for 30 days and focus our effort on raising awareness of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its prevention. Stay Tuned! Stay Safe!

We’ve reached Sinai !

February 17, 2020

Very special thanks to Leena El Samra, Sinai Trail hiker and Ibrahim A. Badran Foundation team who succeeded inorganizing this medical convoy helping 667 unprivileged patients from Serabit el Khadem get examined, 28 referrals, a minor operation and an emergency referral to a hospital for a baby girl. Glad helping all the Sinai Bedouins, covering more governorates and getting closer to our 2024 goal!

In memory of Malak Neuman

February 14, 2020

In memory of our dear volunteer Malak Neuman, Malak’s family and friends created a fruitful medical convoy spreading awareness for the girls in Fayoum. May her soul rest in peace.

IBF Awareness Convoy

January 27, 2020

Making a difference,

Spreading Hope.

Educating kids about self-hygiene.

MID Bank Sponsorship

January 4, 2020

It is with great pleasure that we announce MID Bank as our official operations sponsor, besides CIB, Housing & Development Bank, QNB and Faisal Islamic bank who sponsor our weekly

100th Convoy of 2019

December 25, 2019

Target Achieved!

Ibrahim A. Badran Foundation celebrated on Friday, December 14th its 100th convoy of 2019. 
A 100 medical convoys in 1 year! 2019 TARGET!