Our Approach

Ibrahim A. Badran Charitable Foundation’s activities are guided by the principles of medical ethics, independence, impartiality and accountability:

  • Medical Ethics

The Foundation mainly performs medical activities based on the grounding rules of respecting every patient’s autonomy and confidentiality, as well as treating them with dignity with regard to their cultural and religious beliefs. Pursuing with these medical ethics, IBF strives to provide premium healthcare to all unprivileged people in marginalized communities, wherever they maybe.

  • Independence

IBF determines where to send its Medical Convoys according to its independent assessments that are carried out for every village’s needs. We have the power to freely evaluate people’s medical needs, access populations without restriction, and directly provide and control the aid where it is most essential. Our autonomy is facilitated by our policy, which allows only a marginal portion of our funds to come through governments and intergovernmental organizations.

  • Impartiality and Neutrality

IBF offers medical help and support to vulnerable people, based on their health conditions and irrespective of their races, religions, genders and political affiliations. After a Medical Convoy, our follow-up team covers all the medical cases that need further intervention. During that phase, we set off with the most serious and immediate conditions that are at risk of danger, followed by the less severe ones. Consequently, we are guided by a non-discriminative approach, where IBF neither takes sides nor intervenes with any personal interest and party. We cater to all patients, regardless of their political, economic or religious affiliations, with the belief that every human being has the right to receive healthcare.

  • Accountability

IBF regularly evaluates the results and effects of its activities. By assuming the full responsibility of our actions with patients and donors, we ensure that the Foundation’s outcomes have measurable impacts, to improve the lives of those in need in the most possible ways. “