"Healthcare where it’s needed, for those who can’t afford it."

Our Process

IBF Medical Convoys aim to overcome the gap between proper healthcare and patients in marginalized communities outside Cairo. In our first convoy, 5 doctors and 6 helpers treated 400 patients. Today, we bring 100 +/- volunteers, 10 to 16 specialties, and examine around 2,000 cases, and we still look to grow!

Our expeditions accompany specialized doctors, physicians, nurses, organizational and support staff. They travel with our specially designed Clinical Van, equipped with 2 slit lamps, an ophthalmoscope, 2 portable ultrasound imaging devices, an ECF machine, dry lab equipment for immediate blood analysis, and autoref. Thanks to our patrons and generous donors, we aspire to one day expand as a full mobile hospital.

It takes weeks to plan our Convoys, to set the location and date, survey and accommodate the premises, recruit the staff, announce our visit, evaluate patient feedbacks, and collect medical supplies from our pharmaceutical partners.

This is an illustration of the complex process that leads to a successfully rewarding experience for our doctors, patients and volunteers.