Treating the less fortunate, serving with compassion

About Us

The foundation was established on March 2014, in memory of the young Dr. Ibrahim A. Badran with the aspiration to continue his tradition of volunteering his time and skills to treat the less fortunate. Grieving family members, close friends, and colleagues instinctively united to start what is known today as THE IBRAHIM A. BADRAN CHARITABLE FOUNDATION and inaugurated its medical convoys on April of 2014.

Ibrahim endeavored to improve the lives of all those he encountered, an ambition he honored every day of his life; it is that dream we hope to fulfill on his behalf.


We believe in the value of every human life and strive to deliver proper healthcare to marginalized communities wherever they may be


Healthcare where it’s needed, for those who can’t afford it


Raising funds to bridge the gap between proper Healthcare & the unprivileged patient and expanding our medical capabilities to serve more areas

Why Healthcare?


The increasing overpopulation renders it impossible for the government to provide adequate healthcare for Egypt’s 90 million citizens, especially in rural areas where 57% of Egyptians reside according to the World Bank.


26% of Egyptians live below national poverty line, according to the 2015 UNDP Human Development Report on Egypt.


70% of Egyptians either solely depend on government sponsored healthcare or have no medical insurance at all (source: State Information Service).


Absence of public or private hospitals, healthcare units, and doctors in many villages puts at risk the survival of entire communities.

Our Team

IBF team is the heart and core of the foundation. Since 2014, we have been creating remarkable achievements and experiences for underprivileged communities, and are constantly expanding with every new project. While our team is balanced by various personalities of different age groups and interests, we strongly align our personal passions with the foundation’s vision and goals. IBF’s team consists of Ibrahim Badran’s family and friends, as well as hired full-time professionals, doctors and committed volunteers, who participate in regular weekly meetings. With the help of the strategic team, including operational, organizational, finance and marketing experts, as well as the supporting functions and outsourced team members, IBF collectively thrives to shape a high-spirited, determined and open work environment that brings its vision to life.