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Ibrahim Ahmed Badran Foundation IBF was founded in 2014 by the late doctor Ibrahim Ahmed Badran’s family, friends and colleagues who decided to keep his memory alive by creating a Charity Foundation under his name, with a vision to reach and treat the less fortunate as it’s a basic human right with the purpose of keeping his legacy alive.

Today, the foundation has successfully organized more than 325 medical convoys in 120 villages in 16 Governorates across Egypt, examined more 340,000 patients in rural areas. In those 7 years, the foundation received help from more than 1600 volunteers alongside the support of our medical team who specialise in more than 15 medical specialties, and resulted in more than 8000 surgical referrals.

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To bridge the gap between proper healthcare and unfortunate patients, to serve the marginalised communities across Egypt.

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"لم أستطع السفر لإجراء الفحص بسبب حالتي الصحية السيئة، ولكن عندما زارت قافلة مؤسسة إبراهيم أ. بدران قريتي، تمكنت من تلقي الرعاية الطبية التي أحتاج إليها."

"I couldn’t travel because of my bad health condition for checkup, but when the IBF convoy visited my village, I was able to receive the medical care I needed."

"ساعد جمع التبرعات في مؤسسة إبراهيم أ. بدران طفلي على إجراء عمليته الجراحية وإنقاذ حياته."

IBF fundraising helped my kid do his operation and saved his life.

"ساعدت التبرعات لقوافل الأطفال في دار الرعاية الحصول على الرعاية الطبية اللازمة حتى يتمكنوا من العيش بشكل أفضل."

The donations helped children at orphanages to receive the necessary medical care to be able to live better.

"لقد ساعدت الرعاية الطبية عن بُعد في تشخيص حالتي بسهولة، والإسراع في بدء العلاج المناسب."

"The telemedicine helped diagnose my condition easily and start the proper treatment."

Donation Channels

We depend upon the financial generosity of individuals and institutions to carry out its mission and spread hope.