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Our Story

Our story is a story of love and dedication.

The late doctor Ibrahim always worked towards one goal; improve the lives of the less fortunate and aid all those who need medical help because medical care is a basic human right. Inspired by the same goal, family members, friends and colleagues got united together and established the Ibrahim A. Badran Foundation (IBF).

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About Us

IBF was established as a non-profit organization in 2014, to provide primary quality healthcare to those who are unable to afford or reach it, by organizing medical convoys and operating fixed satellite clinics in the most underprivileged remote areas across Egypt.

Our fixed Satellite Clinics and Mobile Health Clinics are equipped with all the required medical tools and equipment to provide quality healthcare services as well as a pharmacy unit to provide medication to patients through a highly trained medical team and passionate volunteers.

Satellite Clinics

Our fixed satellite clinic offers diagnosis, medication, follow-ups, and surgeries, with top quality medical equipment, a highly trained medical team, and passionate volunteers. Our clinics are equipped with Telemedicine to enable us to connect with medical specialists in Cairo to cover broader medical specialities. Through our Satellite Clinics, we also deliver weekly medical convoys to rural areas across the governorate to be able to reach underprivileged families, as well as offer, follow-ups or surgery referrals at the satellite clinic.

Through our operating model, IBF serves the community by providing a sustainable medical care service with a fixed presence, and by increasing its reach to remote locations and developing local capabilities and talent by providing training and coaching to the local teams. All IBF satellite clinic teams are residents of the governorates including the operation team, medical team, and volunteers. Our successful model is fully operational in Fayoum, Beni Suef, and Aswan.

Medical Convoys

IBF provided more than 600 medical convoys, where more than 395,000 patients were examined and received quality medical care from diagnosis to medication and surgeries. We have visited more than 150 villages in 16 different governorates across Egypt, covering 15 different medical specialities. Our medical convoys are divided into monthly 2-day convoys, weekly 1-day convoys, and specialized convoys.


Provide proper quality healthcare to those who cannot afford or reach it, in governorates all across Egypt.


Deliver quality healthcare through our medical convoys, as well as our fixed and mobile clinics, with a working model that keeps pace with the development of modern technologies while preserving patients’ privacy and dignity.


Bridging the gap between proper healthcare and underprivileged patients by expanding and diversifying the provision of medical convoys, as well as our fixed and mobile clinics, developing these services and working towards their sustainability.

Core Values


We work to achieve IBF’s strategically planned goals accurately, on time, and inline with the foundation approach to develop the community as well as developing the team.


We believe in our moral convictions about respect for self and others and credibility in word and deed. We are committed to do what is right, regardless of circumstances and temptations, and we are also committed to working with IBF’s high standards.


We work to unify our efforts as team to achieve IBF’s honourable goals.


We respect all different opinions and communicate decently and ethically while acknowledging personal space and freedom and giving opportunities for friendly open constructive dialogues.


We carry out our tasks regardless of the circumstances with the same high-quality standards that we excel in, while planning the optimal use of resources and ensuring sustainability of IBF’s operations.

Our Achievements

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