Ibrahim A. Badran Charitable Foundation


Why Healthcare?

Large Population

With Egypt's population exceeding 100 million citizens, it’s becoming more difficult for the Egyptian government to provide the necessary healthcare, especially in those rural areas across the different governorates.

Lack of Medical Insurance

According to the State of Information, 70% of Egyptians depend only on sponsored healthcare or have no medical insurance

Poverty Increase

According to the UNDP, more than 26% of Egyptians exist below the poverty line and with the general increase in prices, it’s even more challenging for the less fortunate citizens to get their right to medical help.

Shortfall of Hospitals

Many rural areas suffer from the lack of both public and private hospitals which outs many villages at high medical risk.

Our Services

Medical Convoys

IBF provided more than 600 medical convoys, where more than 395,000 patients were examined and received quality medical health care from diagnose to medication. We have visited more than 150 villages in 16 different governorates across Egypt, covering 15 different specialities.
Our medical convoys includes monthly 2-day convoys, weekly 1-day convoys, and medically specialized convoys.
The foundation has five mobile medical health clinics and equipped vehicles that are used for various medical services.

Satellite Clinics

Our satellite clinic offers diagnosis, medication, follow-ups, and surgeries with a highly trained medical team. Our clinics are equipped with Telemedicine to enable us to connect with medical specialists in Cairo. All IBF satellite clinic teams are residents of the governorates including the operation team, medical team, and volunteers.

Our successful model is fully operational in Fayoum, Beni Suef, and Aswan.


Telemedicine enables IBF to provide quality healthcare services remotely in our satellite clinics in rural areas and during our medical convoys by facilitating access to medical consultations with different medical specialties and provides treatment plans to patients.


Patients are referred to surgeries by our medical team during medical convoys or satellite clinics. IBF implemented more than 1,500 life changing surgical operations in private hospitals located in Cairo to provide quality medical care.

Events Medical Coverage

IBF supports a range of health & awareness related events, mainly sports and educational events. We provide adequate medical assistance during those events, including on-site presence of personnel trained in emergency medical care and emergency treatment.


IBF enables people mourning the loss of dear ones to honour them by contributing on their behalf to spreading hope to others.

The foundation facilitates an ongoing charity on their behalf through memorial donations for medical convoys, clinics setup, machines, and equipment. 

Spread Hope and
Make a Difference.