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Bringing Quality Healthcare to the Furthest Reaches of Egypt!

At IBF, we believe that quality healthcare is a fundamental right accessible to all, regardless of financial or geographical barriers. Since 2014, our mission has been unwavering: to bring primary healthcare services to those unable to afford or access them.

In the heart of the most underprivileged and remote areas across Egypt, we stand firmly with a dedicated team, passionate volunteers, and a highly trained medical team who work tirelessly, driven by the genuine desire to ensure every patient receives the necessary medical care.

Through medical convoys and fixed satellite clinics, we reach the most underprivileged and remote areas of Egypt. Equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and Telemedicine technology, we deliver high-quality medical care.

Our goal is to improve community health and well-being, striving for a world where everyone has equal access to quality healthcare. Join us on our journey and let’s make a profound impact on the lives of those in need.


Bridging Healthcare Gaps, Serving Marginalized Communities Across Egypt with Quality Medical Care!


Their Stories of Hope and Healing Inspire Us!

Children Medical Convoys

” أولادنا في القرية كانوا بعيد عن المستشفيات والعيادات ومؤسسة إبراهيم أحمد بدران وفرت قافلة طبية وصلت لنا الكشف والعلاج.”
“IBF brought healthcare to our doorstep, saving children of our village from the burden of traveling to reach medical care”


“النهاردة كشفنا في العيادة مع استشاري في القاهرة بخدمة الرعاية الطبية عن بُعد. وبعد التشخيص صرفنا العلاج من الصيدلية لبنتي.”
“Today we consulted with a top medical specialist in Cairo via Telemedicine at IBF Clinic. After the diagnosis, we got the medicine from the clinic pharmacy for my daughter.”

Egypt Health Convoys

“قوافل مؤسسة إبراهيم بدران زارت القرية وكشفت فيها في أكتر من تخصص وصرفت العلاج في أخر القافلة.”
“IBF convoy came to my village and I was able to get medical checkup in different specialities and got the medication from the convoy pharmacy.”

Health Awareness Sessions

“حضرنا جلسة توعية في القافلة الطبية والدكتورة شرحت لنا الوقاية من الأمراض والفيروسات.”
“We attended general health awareness session in the medical convoy and the Dr. explained effective tools for prevention from diseases and viruses.”


.””ابني اتحول للعمليات بعد الكشف في القافلة والمؤسسة تابعت معانا الفحص والتجهيز للعملية والمتابعة في العيادة الثابتة بعد العملية.”
“My son had a surgery referral during IBF medical convoys and they facilitated the surgery and followed up with the case in the satellite clinic.”

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