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Success Stories


Healthy Egypt Initiative

In 2019, Housing & Development Bank collaborated with Faisal Islamic bank of Egypt to help unprivileged communities reach healthcare more conveniently and diagnose any diseases early on as an attempt to have healthy Egyptians.

AXA Insurance

Diabetes Initiative

As we all know, diabetes is a fast growing health problem in Egypt, that’s why AXA insurance company partnered with Ibrahim Ahmed Badran Foundation IBF in order to grant 2 medical convoys fully dedicated to treating the needs diabetic patients.

Moreover, the convoy examined 3,654 patients as an attempt to raise awareness about the early detection of the disease in order to avoid any possible complications.

Credit Agricole Foundation for Development

Children’s Wellness Initiative

In this initiative, Credit Agricole Bank decided to take a different approach which is to focus on offering different healthcare services to orphanages across Egypt. With this intention, our association provided general health awareness through  treatment and consultations.


Our Children, Our Future Initiative

Knowing that children are usually at greater risk of medication errors than adults, Commercial International Bank (CIB) worked on highlighting attention on the children.

So far, more than 60,019 children were examined and given the suitable treatment as an attempt from the bank to help children become healthy individuals who take part in the country’s development. 

EBE Bank

Awareness and Prevention Initiative

During the spread of Covid-19 virus, NBE Bank launched an awareness and prevention campaign in 43 different villages across Fayoum, Giza, Beni Suef, and Ismailia. This initiative focused on distributing protection equipment along with different vitamins.

The result? More than 10,522 individuals were supported along with 2,039 families. Finally, the campaign managed to raise the level of awareness from 40% to 90%.

saib Bank

Orphanages with Special Needs Initiative

IBF collaborated with saib Bank to offer the much needed medical services to special needs children in orphanages around the Greater Cairo area. 8 medical convoys were prepared and organised by IBF to spread hope to orphans with special needs in Greater Cairo during 2021. The medical convoys provided the needed quality medical care and covered different medical specialties.

ABK Bank

Children Health in Qalyubia Initiative

IBF partnered with ABK- Egypt to offer medical care for children in Qalyubia by sponsoring 10 medical convoys to provide quality medical care and raise health and nutrition awareness during the second half of 2021.

QNB Al Ahli

Telemedicine Machine and Medical Equipments

QNB Alahli sponsored a Telemedicine machine to offer the needed medical services remotely to support the local area. QNB also generously provided medical equipment and supplies for IBF for two consecutive years.

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