Ibrahim A. Badran Charitable Foundation

IBF x CAEFD Partnership Spreading Hope and Quality Healthcare

Our partnership with Credit Agricole Egypt Foundation for Development continues to spread hope through different projects and initiatives that cover underprivileged groups and different locations around Egypt. 

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Children’s Wellness Initiative 2021 – Present 

The children’s wellness initiative started in 2020 with the objective to cover all orphanages around Egypt and provide quality healthcare and medical treatments for children and their caregivers. The project expanded to include general health awareness sessions and nutrition. Our partnership through “Children’s Wellness” provided medical care for 12,016 children offering 39,361 medical examinations during the first 2 phases, in 335 orphanages covering 15 governorates around Egypt, covering all orphanages with quality health care, medication, and follow-up services. The project offers healthcare services to the caregivers as well, believing that their well-being contributes directly to the children they are assisting.

The project takes care of the mental health of children as well as their physical health by offering psychological therapy. The therapy sessions are offered to children and continuous follow-ups to ensure they receive adequate treatment and support.

The project is being facilitated by IBF and follows the foundation ECO-Friendly and Sustainable model and has a designated mobile clinic provided by CAEFD to reach remote locations and provide access to healthcare.

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IBF x CAEFD Mobile Clinic

During 2021, In light of its commitment to develop and to achieve sustainable development, Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation for Development in cooperation with Ibrahim A. Badran Charitable Foundation have inaugurated a new mobile clinic that provides medical care to kids in orphanages across all Egyptian Governorates.
It is worth mentioning that this mobile clinic is a donation from Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation for development while Ibrahim A. Badran Charitable Foundation is responsible for providing the necessary medical equipment as well as the doctors and nursing staff.
Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation for Development will also bear the expenses for these medical convoys in addition to providing the basic needs and supplies for the orphanages.

caefd beni suef

Medical Equipment and Telemedicine at Beni Suef Clinic 

The partnership continued to flourish and provide quality healthcare services for the underprivileged in Egypt with CAEFD sponsoring IBF Beni Suef Clinic in 2022.  The CAEFD provided quality medical equipment as well as a Telemedicine machine for the clinic to facilitate medical examination and healthcare services with the sustainable model of IBF.

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